How to play Ready, Steady, Go

There’s a reason why ‘ready, steady, go’ is such a popular routine amongst Speech and Language Therapists helping young kids learn to talk. It’s highly motivating, builds attention and anticipation and uses a familiar repeated phrase… all elements that lead to language learning.

In all of my therapy sessions I’m looking for the thing that’s really going to catch a child’s attention and give them something that’s worth talking about. As simple as it sounds, I’m often asked by parents how to make Ready, Steady, Go games really useful for language. So, in this video I share my top tips.

How to play Ready, Steady, Go

Remember: repeat your familiar phrase lots of times, pause to give space for your child to join in and respond quickly when they do join. Finally, think about how you can set up your play so you’re at eye level, to support their attention and language learning.

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