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Speech and Language Therapy

Through online learning, professional supervision and specialist therapy packages, I help people tune in and respond to young children’s developing communication skills with clear strategies, creative activities and heartfelt connection.

Helping children communicate can be a joyful experience.  It’s so much fun to discover what a child has to say and be a part of helping them share it.

But it might not always feel that way.  When they don’t respond to all your best efforts, it’s easy to feel like you aren’t doing enough.

Surprisingly, it’s not about doing more.  It’s about being clear on what you are doing.  It’s about being sure of how to interact in a way that creates connection and inspires conversation, no matter what level your child is at.

About me

Collage of Bryony's activities

Over the past fourteen years I’ve helped children with a diverse range of communication needs, in schools, clinics and children’s centres.  I specialise in supporting children under 7, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

The best discovery I’ve made in this time, not only through research but also my own experience, is that us humans learn best through play.  When children are having fun and have the freedom to be curious, they’re naturally inspired to learn and communicate.

Perhaps I work in the early years because I’m playful myself.  I still climb trees, regularly run through muddy puddles and dance around in the kitchen. In therapy sessions, I bring a blend of creative play, backed up with a strong clinical foundation in understanding what children need to build their speech, language and communication skills.

Children spark joy.  Their unique ways of viewing the world and sharing it with us inspires me to support early communication. Making that a collaborative team effort is all the more rewarding. I want to work alongside you, to gain insight into how your child is communicating and what we can do together to help them take the next step.

Professional bio

Bryony Rust is a Speech and Language Therapist who specialises in supporting young children and their families. Through online workshops, parent coaching and bespoke therapy, Bryony gives caregivers practical tools to develop early communication skills. As an active writer and vlogger, Bryony is glad to contribute to the wider discussion about developing communication skills and enabling children to find their voice.

Worth every penny and more. Just after four sessions and always being on the end of the phone or email we had our eyes opened and found tools to help our late talking toddler begin to speak. There was zero blame and the tips we picked up fit in with our own family life :-)

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