Bryony Rust, Speech and Language Therapist

I care about helping children communicate better. Communication is an incredible and often underestimated skill. It’s integral to how we build relationships, learn from others and contribute to the world around us.

I’m interested in change. The everyday changes that you notice in your child: speaking up in class, joining in at parties or simply standing a little taller. Speech and language therapy can play a huge part in helping children develop a sense of belonging and self-esteem.

I provide support that’s creative and collaborative. We can achieve the best results when we’re all engaged in the process and having fun along the way. Therapy involves setting goals, practising new skills, sharing ideas and celebrating progress.

Ultimately, I want to promote understanding, confidence and connection. If you’d like to discuss working together, please get in touch.

Professional bio

Bryony Rust is a Speech and Language Therapist from the Isle of Wight with twelve years experience supporting children with communication needs. She specialises in early language development and social communication, providing therapy and consultation for individuals and organisations. As an active vlogger and writer, Bryony also contributes to the wider discussion about how we can all improve our communication skills and enable children to find their voice.

Keep In Touch


Worth every penny and more. Just after four sessions and always being on the end of the phone or email we had our eyes opened and found tools to help our late talking toddler begin to speak. There was zero blame and the tips we picked up fit in with our own family life :-)

We are delighted with the progress our son has made since working with Bryony. He loves the activities that Bryony sets for him, and Bryony has worked with the staff at his school to ensure they are delivering consistent S&L support as well. I am so glad we decided to work with SaLT by the Sea.

The sessions have proved invaluable for my son and enabled him to start to take control and stay calm. With continued practise these strategies will become part of everyday life for him. Would highly recommend.

We have seen a very clear change. As well as his speech and language improving his confidence has improved too.

Bryony is amazing. She really knew what to say and do with Toby and he was always completely at ease with her. His progress was so clear to see and we worked hard on the little homework bits she gave us.