I provide a range of services to improve children’s speech, language and communication skills.

If you’re a parent:

Perhaps you’re looking for help to improve your child’s speech clarity, vocabulary or confidence in social situations. I can help by assessing your child’s communication skills and giving you a plan for support, whether that’s direct therapy, consultation or collaboration. I provide face-to-face therapy services across the Isle of Wight and the South Coast.

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Perhaps your toddler is a little late in learning to talk and you’re looking for accessible and personal online coaching. If so, then the Toddler Talk online programme may be the right fit for you. Learn more here.

If you’re a practitioner:

Maybe you have children in your setting with a variety of speech, language and communication needs. You’ve likely noticed how this impacts on their learning and participation. Perhaps you’re looking for new ideas to enhance the support you provide. Through discussion and demonstration I can help you map out the needs of your children and implement ideas that will boost their communication.

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If you’re an organiser:

You may be looking for someone to present at your upcoming event. Perhaps you’re looking for someone who can keep your audience energised and engaged in that post-lunch workshop slot, or perhaps you want to invest in your team with some whole-staff training. I provide bespoke workshops and accredited courses for your team to improve their understanding of communication needs and equip them with practical strategies for support.

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How do I know if my child would benefit from Speech and Language Therapy?

The best place to start is to send a quick message via the contact form, so you can tell me a little about your child. Then we can discuss your child’s communication skills and how they might benefit from some SaLT support.

What does therapy actually involve?

Therapy looks a little different for every child, depending on their communication skills and our goals for therapy. That said, there are some common themes! Therapy always involves conversation, some play or structured activities and discussion with yourself. Check out what to expect at an initial appointment. [link]

How much does therapy cost?

A one hour therapy session is £65. Other services include consultation, assessment and reports. Full details are available on request.

How long does therapy take?

Individual therapy sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour. Some children need only a few sessions to give them a boost (especially if you are doing extra practice at home.) Some children need more time to develop their communication skills. After meeting your child and chatting with you it will be possible to recommend a SaLT schedule that suits your needs.

I really need some help but I can’t afford it at the moment. Do you have any suggestions?

There are several ways that you can access some support online:

  • Join the free parent community on Facebook, SaLT Support
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly videos full of ideas and information
  • Have a burning question? Send me a note. You’d be surprised how many videos, courses and future plans have come about from my conversations with parents via email.