Communication seems simple, but there’s a lot going on.

Bryony is wearing a white button shirt and jeans, sitting against the wall of a green beach hut with more huts in the background.

Even when children aren’t talking, it’s not because they’re lazy! They’re busy figuring out the varied skills that go into understanding and participating in the world around them: attention, regulation, comprehension and more.

Whether you’re a parent, practitioner or therapist, together we’ll get clear on each child’s unique communication profile and what helps them take the next steps.

I want to give you practical and playful ways to get the conversation going.

Online learning

Courses and workshops to develop communication


Online speech and language therapy for children under 7


A professional space for you to reflect and grow in your practice

Bryony is always so incredibly insightful. She is innovative and kind, so respectful and brings such infectious positivity!

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Let’s work together to help children thrive.