Speech and Language Therapy takes teamwork

Bryony standing against brick wall

It’s not just about direct work with the child, it’s about helping all the adults to confidently support the child in everyday situations.

I specialise in helping children who aren’t yet talking and are still figuring out lots of the early building blocks of social communication. For them, learning to communicate requires movement and play!

Which is why my approach to Speech and Language Therapy involves working with you. Giving you the guidance, support and structure to help your child.

Together, we’ll establish where your child is at in their communication journey and focus on specific strategies to support their development.

Services include:

  • Detailed assessment and report packages
  • Engaging therapy sessions for children under 10 (online across the UK and in person for families on the Isle of Wight)
  • Parent coaching through Toddler Talk

Fees are available to view here.