Workshop Testimonials

Bryony was brilliant.  So friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.  Training should be compulsory for practitioners.  Fab training day.

I contacted Bryony because I was looking for some support with my clinical decision making.  She helped me understand the concept of treating a child holistically and gave me practical strategies and ideas for therapy.  I also felt reassured by Bryony’s lovely positive manner that I am on the right track.

You have been one of the most interesting and easy to listen to speakers that I have ever watched on an online training.

Bryony was exceptional, she was very thorough and informative. I was able to use and implement her ideas and knowledge for the pupils within my setting and I will use throughout my teaching.

I honestly feel the positive attitude and the vibrancy of the tutor really helped to stay engaged in each Elklan lesson we had, I can’t rate her high enough! She could really ‘read the room’ and left nothing unattended. I also feel the activities that took place within the lessons to make us aware of how the child could be feeling, had a huge impact in being able to empathise and understand their view. Thank you!

Fantastic facilitator.  Very engaging and interactive.  Fantastic information provided- should be compulsory for all staff!

Such a relevant, useful session that will make a real difference to my classroom.

Very well planned out, great for all learners (i.e. practical etc). Kept attention at all times, great resources provided.  Very well delivered.

Bryony came into our setting to deliver a 2 hour workshop with all of the staff, we all found this workshop to be extremely informative. Bryony was excellent and was very good at explaining things in a way that we all understood. Would definitely recommend :)