5 First Words (plus Makaton) to teach your toddler

What would be the most useful words for your child to be able to say? What would they like tell you about? Having in mind a handful of these core words is really useful. It helps us model consistent vocab and notice when your child starts attempting these words on their own. We want to help your child to request things that they want and talk about things they find interesting.

In this video I share with you my ideas for five first words to teach your toddler: words that are motivating, useful and fun. I’ll also show you the Makaton signs for these words (and if you’re wondering whether to teach your child some signing, then do check out this blog post).

5 First Words (plus Makaton) to teach your toddler

Do you have a list in your head of words to model to your child? You might like to use some of the ones from this video (I know ‘wow’ is a favourite!) and I bet there are lots of other favourite toys or actions that your child would like to talk about. If you have any vocab suggestions and would like to know the Makaton signs for them, then do comment below and I’ll make a video with more ideas in the future.

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