How to create a communication friendly space

Remember making blanket forts as a kid? I broke many a flimsy umbrella by draping blankets over the top. Creating a cosy corner isn’t only fun, but can also really encourage communication and conversation between you and your little one. In this video I share how I make a quick and simple cosy corner and the key elements that I try to include.

Creating a cosy conversation corner

Think about how you can make the space child-sized. What cosy fabrics or cushions can you bring in? Finally, lights and containers are both fun invitations to explore and chat together. What would you add to yours?

There’s so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest, that sometimes the beauty of them can be almost intimidating! The cosy corner that you create with your child doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’. Just have a go at chucking some blankets and cushions together, snuggle down and have fun. :)

If you’d like more ideas on communication friendly environments, you might also like to check out Elizabeth Jarman, who shares lots of work and research in this area.

PS. Check out my blog post on creating a communication-friendly classroom here.

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