Help your child listen and focus

Paying attention is no easy task! We all have times when we feel distracted. And right now, as we adjust to new routines amidst unsettling global challenges, we have to be a little kinder to ourselves. It’s likely that we’re not able to get as much done as we ordinarily would. This applies to us ‘grown-ups’ and to our kids.

When we understand more about how children develop their attention skills, it’s easier to support their development in a compassionate way. In this video I share a little about what’s involved in paying attention and some of the shifts that have helped me to support children with this important skill for learning and for life.

In this video I mention the Toddler Talk programme, which I’m currently running with a group of parents who signed up. It’s been wonderful to run this as a group project and I’ll share more on that later (so watch this space!)

For now, you might like to check out this post about my favourite props for developing attention for adult-led activities.

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