Fee Structure

Initial Consultation: £85

A one hour appointment including assessment of your child’s abilities and discussion of findings. Through play, conversation and structured activities, your child will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and areas of difficulty. After the appointment, you’ll receive an email summary of the key points discussed and suggestions for next steps.

Therapy session: £70

Sessions are a mix of parent coaching and direct therapy, depending on the needs of your child. Sessions are always followed up with an email summary of observations and suggestions. Included within this fee are all clinical administration duties outside of the session: planning, resourcing, evaluating and liaising with key adults.

Consultation, written reports and programmes: £70ph

Reports and programmes provide advice and activities to ensure your child’s learning continues beyond therapy sessions. You can choose when you would like a report written. They are often useful at the end of a block of therapy, as a summary of work and progress. Programmes are useful to share with other key people who may be supporting your child, such as pre-school staff. Liaison with key people is charged on an hourly rate, with summary email provided following the discussion.

Full formal assessment package: £330

Including initial phone consultation, two assessment sessions and a detailed report with information about your child’s speech, language and communication needs. Reports include a breakdown of assessment results, clinical analysis and specific recommendations.

Travel: 50p per mile from base. Additional £20 fixed fee for mainland visits.