Toddler Talk

9 students

The Toddler Talk course is designed to give you a fresh approach to building your child’s communication skills, to give you specific strategies, activity ideas and 1:1 personalised support throughout.

If you have any questions, you can contact Bryony directly by emailing [email protected].  If you want to dive straight in and take action now, then simply click the button below.


    Create the time and space for regular SaLT practice. Make your environment communication friendly and your play inviting.


    Understand how your child is communicating and start adjusting to meet them at the best point for their development.

  • GIVE

    Explore different ways to build understanding, expand vocabulary and develop thinking skills.


    Take a week to catch up on the main ideas so far, consider what's working for you and choose a focus area.


    Add stories, song and activity ideas to your new interaction strategies. Learn about how praise and feedback impacts your child’s learning.


    Evaluate your child’s progress and share information with your people.



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