Toddler Talk

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I’m so glad to be a part of your journey in raising a confident communicator.

Below you’ll find an outline of the full course. You might like to bookmark this page for easy access. Any questions, please email: [email protected]


Week 1: Slow Down

This week we’re looking at the 3 main elements that support communication and planning for regular practice time.


Getting started Toys and activities Making your environment communication friendly Week 1 downloads

Week 2: Tune in

Understand how your child is communicating and start adjusting to meet them at the best point for their development.


The how and the why Developing attention Building back and forth exchanges Week 2 downloads

Week 3: Respond

Explore different ways to build understanding, expand vocabulary and develop thinking skills.


3 ways of responding Give, don't quiz Words and sounds Week 3 downloads

Week 4: Create

Add stories, songs and creative ideas to your growing communication strategies.


Adding more visual clues Storytime Songs Week 4 downloads

Week 5: Share

Share key ideas and strategies with the other important people in your child’s life.


Sharing and reflecting Toddler Talk summary What's next? Week 5 downloads
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