What to do when your child won’t play with toys

I meet children with the most fantastically varied interests. Their delight in details has taught me a lot about play and exploration. I always aim to follow a child’s lead within speech and language therapy sessions, to find the thing that inspires a child to communicate. Over time, I’ve learned that this often means abandoning my own plans and my shiny new toys in favour of the door jam, the lid of a cardboard box and oh so much more.

So, when parents ask me ‘What toys shall I buy to build attention’ my response is always ‘What is your child interested in?’ Because supporting attention, communication and interaction isn’t about buying a prescribed set of toys. More often, it’s about putting down the toys and paying attention to the details of what your marvellous unique kiddo wants to explore with you.

PLAY & COMMUNICATION: It's not about the toys!

What surprising things does your child delight in exploring? For starters, there’s always the good ol’ cardboard box.

PS. I have put together a list of gift suggestions, if you’re looking for a few more ideas.

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