What is Lego Therapy?

Lots of the children I meet simply LOVE Lego! Great news for our Speech and Language Therapy sessions, because it gives us the perfect reason to work on some big communication skills: giving instructions, checking comprehension, negotiating communication breakdowns and so much more.

Lego Therapy is a structured approach to using Lego as a foundation for social communication practice. It’s a format that was first created by neuroscientist, Dr Daniel LeGoff. In this video you’ll get an overview of the structure of a Lego Therapy session, the different roles for each person involved and the various skills they’re developing along the way.

What is Lego Therapy?

In a Lego Therapy session there are three key roles: builder, engineer (sometimes called the architect) and supplier. It’s common to work on one Lego construction over several sessions, so the children can rotate their roles each session and practice different skills. It’s also worth setting out some ground rules when you first set up your group, which can be a great starting point for talking about what it means to work in a group.

Want more information on helping your child take turns in a group? Check out this blog post on how to teach turn-taking.

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