Using sketchnotes to help language processing

When I first qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist, my clinical supervisor told me that his favourite therapy resource was paper and a stack of felt tip pens. I was baffled at the time, still lugging around board games, picture books and every other resource I could get my hands on; still spending my evenings printing, cutting and laminating…

But over the years I’ve come to see what a fantastically powerful and flexible resource a pen and paper can be, to support communication at every stage. From team meetings, to conversations with teenagers, to negotiating plans with pre-schoolers, putting our ideas on paper is hugely helpful.

In this video I share with you how I use Sketchnoting in my therapy sessions to support attention, comprehension and memory.

SKETCHNOTES to help language processing

Whether you’re a teacher, therapist, parent or team leader, I encourage you to get doodling and explore its potential for improving communication.

You can find out more about Mike Rohde, the inventor of Sketchnoting on his website. I can also heartily recommend his book, the Sketchnote Handbook.

For more visual learning ideas, check out my blog post on Thinking Maps.

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