From S to Spiderman: The 6 Stages of Speech Therapy

There’s no doubt that learning to speak clearly is a surprisingly complicated process. When I deliver workshops on speech development, we talk through the individual skills involved and discuss how these typically develop. And as we start to think about all of the careful listening, processing, planning and muscle movements involved, we often find renewed respect for how much our children are learning in these early years.

When a child starts Speech Therapy sessions, we work through many of these individual aspects of speech development, so that a child can build their skills and master new sounds and words over time. This video gives you a brief rundown of the typical steps involved, and answers the common question: “If they can make the /s/ sound, why can’t they say Spiderman?”

The 6 Stages of Speech Therapy

Does your child struggle with some particular sounds? Which ones are they trying to figure out at the moment? For a few simple ideas to get you started, check out this post.

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