Social Skills: It’s not about what you say

When I first qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist, many moons ago, I was introduced to the work of Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking. But, it wasn’t until I attended a Social Thinking conference, many years later, that I really grasped how useful these ideas really were. Hearing her cover so many of the key topics was really helpful in giving me a better understanding of how all of the vocabulary and frameworks tie together.

Since then, lots of the Social Thinking Methodology has become a part of my everyday practice. But if I had to pick just one idea to share, it would be this: the Social Competency Model.

Social Skills : it's not about what you say

To find out more about the Social Competency Model, you can join this free webinar hosted by Social Thinking.

PS. Looking for a useful resource to help you get started with Social Thinking Methodology? Check this out.

Learning to be a Social Thinker

Learning to be a Social Thinker

“Want a good life? Enrich your social, emotional experience.” A week after attending Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Conference, her ideas still ring strong in my ears. Her perspective on how we share space with others and help our clients to do so effectively is a powerful message.

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