Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Three years ago I sat down with pen and paper to write my intentions for SaLT by the Sea. As a new business I was considering my core mission and creating some accountability for myself. This is what I wrote:

Communication is the key to a full life. It enables us to build things together, care for each other, solve problems and share our experiences. No matter our level, we can all make a positive contribution, develop our skills and have fun whilst doing it.

I will dedicate my energy, creativity and clinical expertise to ensuring that your child improves their speech, language and communication skills and enjoys the process. I will work with you to understand the needs of your child and ensure that key adults know how best to support them.

I will actively contribute to the global conversation about communication needs and work to raise the profile of speech and language therapy. Because when we communicate effectively we can achieve great things.

Three years on and my mission remains the same. I continue to deliver real change for families, working together to nurture confident communicators. Every family’s journey through the therapy process differs, as every child is unique, but what remains the same is having a therapist who turns up with enthusiasm and dedication.

I’ve also continued to contribute to the wider discussion around speech, language and communication needs. In addition to training events, conference presentations and parent workshops, I am on the steering group for our regional hub of Speech and Language Therapists. We run events for therapist across the south central area to discuss current issues within the profession and develop our knowledge and expertise.

Looking to the next three years, I will continue to provide tailored support for families and information to the wider community. Being self-employed is not without its challenges, but being able to make a positive difference in children’s lives is hugely rewarding and I am excited about the year ahead.

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