3 ways to use stacking cups for speech and language development

You will always find a set of stacking cups in my therapy bag. They’re often thought of as a ‘baby toy’, but they’re actually useful with a wide range of ages. In Speech and Language Therapy sessions, you’ll find me using them for all sort of activities, including early language development, speech sound practice and more.

In this video you’ll find out about three ways that you can use stacking cups with your little one to build their attention, vocabulary, and your conversation together. I use stacking cups to help children learn about resilience, to help them learn key phrases and also help them develop their understanding of size words. I also use cups for sound sorting with my older children as well. Find out all about it in this video.

How to use STACKING CUPS for speech and language development

I hope this gives you a few new ways to play with this old favourite. If your child enjoys playing with stacking cups, I bet they also love balloons! Check out this post for ideas to build attention and language with balloons.