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When I’m not out and about in the fresh air of the Isle of Wight, I work as a Speech and Language Therapist, helping children to develop their speech, language and communication skills. I work with families to support children who might find it difficult to understand what is said to them, or be slow in starting to talk. Some children have difficulties using speech sounds clearly, whilst others need help in communicating socially with others.

We live in a sociable world, where communicating with others is vital. We notice when people get it wrong, be it a rude shop assistant or a misunderstanding on the phone. And getting it right is inspiring: that perfect line in a book that mirrors exactly how we feel, or that chat with a stranger that instantly connects. Our ideas and plans are made all the better when shared, and we’re comforted when someone tells us just the right thing we need to hear. Sharing our hopes, excitements and worries with others is key to what makes us human, and it starts with a mother’s first ‘Hello’.

It’s wonderful to know that our social brains are growing from day one, in our looks, gestures and sounds. It’s those important adults around a child that make the difference. I couldn’t make any impact without them. Working with families, practitioners, teachers, and assistants makes it possible to wrap each child in a communication-rich environment.

This video is courtesy of the Hello Campaign, making children and young people’s communication skills a priority in homes and schools across the country. Working as a Speech and Language Therapist, I’m happy to be a little piece of this puzzle.

One in a Million - a film by the Hello campaign

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