A response to coronavirus

Honestly, it feels a little strange to make any attempt at responding to the global situation right now. I say global because it’s that interconnected, shared experience that has most struck me about all of this. As we all talk about the changes in our everyday routines, I see how much we have in common. We share so many of the same fears, hopes, challenges and unexpected joys.

At home, our top window looks across to our small stretch of sea, the Solent. My dad, a keen sailor, commented recently how the sea reminds him of that connectedness across the globe. I feel particularly grateful to have this sea view in these days of sheltering in place.

As a Speech and Language Therapist, the changes to our everyday make me think about how we communicate. But it’s bigger than communication. It’s about how we respond to each other and care for our community.

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter you’ll be familiar with the Communication Tree model. But, in this video I propose a different model of communication development; one that considers why we bother with all this stuff in the first place.

CARE and CONNECT // A Speech and Language Therapist's response to Coronavirus

You can download the Communication Tree model by subscribing below. Watch out for more posts in the weeks to come, as we learn to navigate the new rhythms of our days.

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