Working Together

I specialise in helping children who are:

  • just learning to talk (saying the odd word and need help to say more)
  • confused by the social world and need help navigating friendships and playground dramas

I provide support that will:

  • build on your child’s strengths
  • increase confidence, reduce frustration and
  • improve your sense of fun and connection together

All services are available online, from the comfort of your own home

Let’s work together and help your child thrive

Bryony is always so incredibly insightful. She is innovative and kind, so respectful and brings such infectious positivity!

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What to expect

As every child’s communication needs vary, the type of support that I provide varies too. That said, there’s a similar format to all therapy packages in the beginning.

First, get in touch and we can arrange a time for an initial phone consultation. We can discuss your child’s needs, what support you’ve received so far and what you’d like to focus on in our work together.

Then, we’ll arrange a block of 4 weekly sessions via Zoom video calls. Depending on our initial phone discussion, these calls might focus on giving you support and video feedback on your play together with your child OR may involve working with your child directly. This depends a lot on your child’s communication needs and their age and stage of development.

After each call, I’ll send you an email summary, with suggestions for your home practice.

At the end of our block of sessions, we can discuss progress, reflections on our initial work together and future plans. For some families, 4 weeks is enough to give them a starting boost, with ideas and activities to continue practising at home. For other families, they find it helpful to continue weekly sessions for a longer period of time. This is something we can discuss and make personal to your unique situation.

An initial 4 week package is £250