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Group Toddler Talk


The online programme for parents of late talkers. See your child’s communication grow, with personal support every step of the way. Starts 10th October 2022

Sometimes it can feel like your toddler is the only one not talking.

So when you find other parents on a similar journey, who share the challenges and the understand your celebrations, everything changes.

Together, we’ll help your child:

  • develop their attention
  • explore new words and sounds
  • share more ideas with you
  • improve their comprehension
  • take turns in play and conversation

Included in the package:

  • Watch-on-demand video lessons, with step-by-step plans for encouraging more communication.

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Bryony (Monday evenings) to share stories and talk progress.

  • WhatsApp group, hosted by Bryony, to bounce ideas and encourage each other.

  • End-of-course summary to share with key adults and maintain momentum.

Hi, I’m Bryony!

Over my many years as a Speech and Language Therapist, I’ve seen what a difference early support makes for kids and their parents.

When you learn what helps your child’s speech and language development, you .

Plus, it’s just plain fun to spark tiny conversations when they’re learning to talk.

Let’s get together this month and see that spark grow.

Course Outline

Course diagram

The Toddler Talk group is pretty special.
Here’s why…

It takes a village: helping children learn to talk

What parents say:

I feel like I’ve accomplished such a lot in a small space of time and it is all thanks to you. Our boy is coming out with new words almost daily.

I was on the fence at first whether to go for it and if it would even make a difference (I was also very close to payday!) But I am so glad I did! It has literally changed our lives and our girl is blossoming so much.

Before I started this course, I was lost. I wasn’t sure how to help my little girl, or what I should be doing. I felt very low and not enjoying being mum. I cannot believe the progress my little girl has made and how empowered I feel as her parent in helping her to communicate.

I invested while waiting for Rory’s speech and language therapy referral and HIGHLY recommend it. I found when trying to get info on encouraging speech, the information was overwhelming, but this has made it SO EASY!


What age should my child be for this programme to be useful?

This package is designed for parents and carers of 2-3 year olds who aren’t yet talking, or are saying only a handful of words. If autism is also a possible query for your child you are very welcome to join us.

I know all children develop at different rates, so why don’t I just wait and see if my child will catch up?

You’re the expert on your child, so it’s important to do what feels right for you. If you’ve read this far, perhaps you feel a need for something more than ‘wait and see’. Getting the right help early on makes all the difference for a child’s development. Sometimes there’s a gap between ‘early identification’ (e.g. the 2 year check) and ‘early intervention’ (i.e. the right help at the right time). This package is intended for those facing that gap.

How is this different from your free YouTube videos?

YouTube gives you a bunch of different activities and info on all sorts of topics. Toddler Talk walks you through a step-by-step guide to developing your child’s communication, with personal support from Bryony every step of the way.

When are the sessions?

The weekly video lessons are available to watch on-demand, to fit around your schedule. Our parent zoom chats will be Mondays at 8pm, starting 10th October. If you miss a call, don’t worry, there will be an audio recording available for catch up.

I’m pretty busy… can I sign up later?

The special group edition of Toddler Talk only happens twice a year. So, if you’d like to start learning in a community of supportive parents, do grab the chance now!

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Click the ‘Add to basket’ button at the top of this page, fill in your details and you’ll be given access to the course to get started straight away.

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