Teach your toddler to join words together

It is often quite the leap for kids to go from using a bunch of single words to making simple phrases. So, it’s no surprise that I’m regularly asked by parents how to help children at this stage of development. Being able to use that big jumble of words to construct phrases is a key part of language development and one that we can help children with, using a few simple tips.

In this video I share a simple game that you can play with your child to model two word phrases and support them in having a go themselves.

Teach your toddler to join words together

One of the key considerations is word type. We need both object and action words to be able to build simple phrases. Heading out on a walk is a great opportunity to focus on some key action words to support your child’s learning. Once you’ve focused on some action words, you can build these into simple ‘magic instructions’ to ask people to do different things. In the video you’ll spot examples like: ‘Tom hop,’ ‘Bryony spin,’ and ‘Rolo jump’.

If your little one is at this stage in their communication journey, then I encourage you to head outdoors, find a magic wand (aka stick!) and get practising those simple phrases. Have fun!

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