The Toddler Talk Course

6 weeks of bitesize video lessons and 1:1 support, with simple suggestions to help you build your child’s speech, language and communication skills.

Toddler playing with balloons


Are you looking for some help navigating those crucial early building blocks of speech, language and communication development?

We’ll work together for 6 weeks to give you a framework for understanding your child’s communication and how you can help them grow.

Through weekly video lessons and 1:1 support you’ll establish a range of techniques that enable you to make the most of everyday interactions to boost your child’s speech, language and communication.

Course Outline

  • Week 1: Breathe

    Create the time and space for regular SaLT practice. Make your environment communication friendly and your play inviting.

  • Week 2: Notice

    Understand how your child is communicating and start adjusting to meet them at the best point for their development.

  • Week 3: Give

    Explore different ways to build language and expand vocabulary and develop thinking skills.

  • Week 4: Reflect

    Take a week to review strategies so far, identify areas to focus on and talk through ideas and solutions with Bryony.

  • Week 5: Laugh

    Add stories, song and activity ideas to your new interaction strategies. Learn about how praise and feedback impacts your child’s learning.

  • Week 6: Share

    ​Evaluate your child’s progress and share information with your key people.

What You Get

  • Weekly video lessons, play sheets and audio downloads.

  • 1:1 coaching calls with Bryony to discuss your child’s development.

  • Instant message access with Bryony throughout the course for video feedback, advice and problem-solving.

  • End-of-course summary to help you share information with key adults.

  • Bonus lesson on speech sound development and how this ties in to the wider communication picture.

  • Personalised online evaluation to identify priorities for support and review your child’s progress.

This is a great place to start if…

You’re busy.

Designed to fit around your busy schedule, the whole course is accessible from your home. No extra appointments, parking tickets or childcare to worry about. Every lesson is under 10 minutes and lots of the 1:1 support is via direct message, so it can fit around your day.

You want clarity.

Not only do you get step-by-step lessons to support your child’s speech and language development, you also have personal 1:1 support from Bryony, an experienced Speech and Language Therapist, to help you apply the ideas, take action and see results in your child.

You’re keen to get started.

The right support early on makes a huge difference. This course will help you establish great routines to build a firm foundation for language development. Tweaking your everyday interactions may be all your child needs to get them talking. And if your child needs more help later on, these routines get you off to the right start.

Enroll for £129

What people have said about working with me

Worth every penny and more. Just after four sessions and always being on the end of the phone or email we had our eyes opened and found tools to help our late talking toddler begin to speak. There was zero blame and the tips we picked up fit in with our own family life :-)

The sessions have proved invaluable for my son and enabled him to start to take control and stay calm. With continued practise these strategies will become part of everyday life for him. Would highly recommend.

We have seen a very clear change. As well as his speech and language improving his confidence has improved too.

A very good constructive experience for both A and myself, with A making excellent progress. I learnt numerous methods of helping him to progress through play activities.

Bryony is amazing. She really knew what to say and do with Toby and he was always completely at ease with her. His progress was so clear to see and we worked hard on the little homework bits she gave us.

I’m confident that if you show up, do the practice, and follow the advice that we set out together, your child will make progress in their communication.

This may look different for each child, which is why I’ll be working with you throughout the course. We’ll continue to talk about your child’s progress and ensure that the support is relevant and helpful to your specific situation.

Questions? Get in touch!